UI/UX Design in MINTIT , what you should know

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UI design and the latest trends!

According to Cleveroad, a UI design is so important for any project because one never gets a second chance to make a first impression. “this is what potential customers see when they open your website or a mobile application for a very first time. it is a face of your business, your face.” It states that “to create a really engaging user interface, you need to follow the latest ui trends. otherwise, you risk getting old-fashioned, plain design which can only frighten off your users”the article elaborates that the trends in clothes and in development sphere are the two opposite phenomena. and all the latest trends in ui development are focused not only on visual pleasure but also on the usability and convenience for a user. “if you apply them wisely, they can bring lots of benefits to your product. here are some of them: Improves mood: There are lots of studies about colours and how they affect people's mood. some of them make us aggressive and some vice versa passive. when users see a pleasant picture they can even smile without noticing it. this is our task. we want our users to smile or feel peace and harmony when they open our website or an app. a visually appealing design can make a pleasant and engaging atmosphere which holds users' attention for a long time. Increases trustability: if your website or a mobile application looks really professional and polished, users will trust you more. it goes subconsciously, they believe that if you pay so much attention to your site #or an app# you will pay that much attention to your products and services and them. that's how you'll get more credibility. Facilitates the use: one of the biggest rules in a design development process is to make the interface clean and ordered. in such case, it would be easy to use. why? because such design reduces the need to process information manually. more data is processed automatically which saves time and nerves of users.” Cleveroad highlights several UI trends in Web such as: Seamless interfaces, typography, Gradients, Unique illustrations, WebGL and finally Video as well as in Mobile Applications, where it suggested Less UI more UX, Interactivity, Calm colors and blur as the latest mobile trends    

Source: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/the-latest-ui-design-trends-and-the-reasons-why-you-need-to-follow-them


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May 7, 2018

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