UI/UX Design in MINTIT , what you should know

Our competitive designers conceive the most pleasant User experience and adjust their skills to track your needs and aspirations at any cost. Android or iOS, designing up-to-date UI/UX that synch with universal features is a responsibilty we carry at our company! We enjoy the art of designing, we bring your fantasies to the light!

From now on it’s Android 8.0

Android has lately announced that starting from august 1st 2018 new apps should meet the newest version of android 8.0. In other words, existent application should be adjusted to the newest version of android 8.0 with the verity of its new characteristics on the one hand; on the other hand, apps should consequently be up-to-date to this version starting from november 2019. I.e. in order for mobile holders to install new application they should either be owners of android of the mentioned version or should be able to push their phones forward to reach the latest app versions. One has to mention that android developers must be taking into consideration these changes and be able to alter old apps functionalities to be compatible with the last versions and be ready for a new future of app development that syncs with android's last fashions. Android developers are now implicated to go through the modernization of apps that suits the user, naming migrating the app from GCM to FCM, take advantage of advanced window management like: multi-window tasks and the optimization of the device, in addition to using modern camera support etc.       Source:  https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/target-sdk


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July 20, 2018

minty thoughts

Get some minty thoughts and discover with us the last trends and technologies in UIUX Design and softwares

Big steps for Google Assistant

Remember VIKI from “I, Robots”? A Sci-fi human voice who’s at your service 24h and acts-out your wishes? We are finally at that utopic time. Android has introduced Google Assistant in I/O 2016 a

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August 31, 2018

Thinking is the new smart in UX Design!

Before you start designing, sketching or conceptualizing a product, do some thinking! Designers should not be brainstorming the features of the product, but the problem that the product is going to s

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August 30, 2018

React Native Vs Native

Between using a Native app (developing two different/separate apps for Android and for iOS) and/or opting for a Cross-platform app (One app that bodes well for both platforms) developers have long way

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August 27, 2018